The Journey Comes Full Circle - Kickstarter Campaign 249% Funded!


Taking on a creative project of this scale is daunting.

At one point, midway through our second trek in Bhutan, I was ready to quit. I was beyond the point of exhaustion - and swimming in doubt that this film would meet my own (and others’) high expectations.

In that moment, I let go. I stopped “trying” and just trusted. And, most importantly, I kept going. Step by step, 485 miles.

Now, as I write this, we’re within hours of our deadline for the Kickstarter campaign and we’ve reached our stretch goal of $110,000 - and I feel as if I’m learning one of the most important lessons of my lifetime.

The head deals in plans and goals and fears and doubts while the heart deals in openness and possibility, acceptance and hope. When I’ve been brave enough to live from my heart, the world has supported me. This project has been included some of the most challenging and experiences of my life - but words can’t describe how supported I have felt every step of the way.

This is how Bhutan continues to shape me: moving me beyond my small-mindedness to inhabit, more and more, my own happiest place. A place where I’m doing my unique work in the world and sharing my gifts with others, in whatever form that might be.

Thank you, for joining in this journey with me. We’re just beginning.