Many know Bhutan as the last Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom and the only country in the world to use Gross National Happiness as its primary yardstick for progress.

Drawn by the allure of this enigmatic kingdom, four veteran athletes attempt an unprecedented human-powered, border-to-border crossing of Bhutan, hoping to experience Bhutan's policy of "GNH" first hand.

When the demands of the grueling 32-day, 485-mile journey push the team beyond their breaking point, they must confront the challenge inherent in walking what Buddhist's call the Middle Path - embracing the benefits of our fast-paced modern life while still honoring the ancient traditions and values that make Bhutan so unique.


  • World Premiere at Santa Barbara International Film Festival where the film sold out the 600+ person Lobero theater and received a standing ovation; buzz drove SBIFF to schedule two additional screenings & pick the film for it's Best of the Festival weekend

  • Also accepted to Sarasota Film Festival, Esalen Inspirational Film Festival, San Diego International Film Festival, Nevada City Film Festival, Byron Bay International Film Festival, Ojai Film Festival, Awareness Film Festival (all 2016) DC Environmental Film Festival (2017).

  • One of the top funded docs on Kickstarter raising almost 250% of goal and generating outstanding grassroots support from the campaign's nearly 1,000 supporters; led to editorials on Forbes & Discovery among others

  • Includes an interview with Bhutans current Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay

  • Original music & narration from Grammy award-winning producer Imogen Heap (2 million+ Twitter followers) and cellist Zoe Keating


For almost a decade, Ben Henretig has been a pioneer in transformational storytelling.  As one of the early innovators of authentic brand & non-profit impact communication, he has helped to launch an entirely new category of films known as "micro-documentaries", personally directing and filming hundreds of these short format films for diverse organizations including Stanford University, The Clinton Global Initiative, TED, & Bonos Project (RED), to name a few.