Community Screening Kits

Purchase your educational screening license below. All screening kits include unlimited educational and community screenings, downloadable flyers and PDF poster of the film, discussion guides and even select behind-the-scenes photos from the making of the film!

Community Screening License

College & University Streaming License

Large Business & Corporate Screening License


Planning your community screening


Event format

We suggest organizing your event in three parts—reception, screening, and discussion—over the course of two hours. The receptions should last approximately 20 to 25 minutes, the screening should last 65 minutes, and the discussion should last 20 minutes.


The reception is the perfect time to interact with your members and showcase your event partners, who may set up booths, give demonstrations, or answer questions. If any senior athletes are in attendance, encourage them to talk with the crowd and sign autographs. You may also want to serve refreshments. We will gladly provide you with event flyers and downloadable posters of the film in order to enhance your reception. 


Once everyone is settled in the screening room, introduce the film and invite your audience to stay for the discussion. The film’s run time is 60 minutes. 


There are many ways to format your post-screening discussion. You may want to moderate a panel with health and mindfulness experts or you may want to have an open community discussion and take questions from the audience. Either way, the purchase of the educational screening kit includes a discussion guide in order to engage and inspire conversation within your audience. 


Get the word out about your event! Promote the screening to your members, create partnerships with other organizations, and alert the media. Also, be sure to let us know about your screening as we would be happy to help you promote by posting your event details on our social media pages.