Education and Community Screenings


Education and community screenings are now available for a multitude of venues including, but not limited to, schools, libraries, faith-based institutions, corporations, nonprofits, museums, hospitals and government institutions. We provide screening guides and tool-kits to fit your audience to maximize engagement and provide a strong foundation for your screening to meet its fullest potential. Crossing Bhutan will stimulate discussions like:

What journey, physically or metaphorically, are you undertaking right now?

Where do you see these qualities showing up in your life?

What might it take for you to feel more connected to your family, community, coworkers, neighbors?

If you were to guide your life by 9 principals, what might be your “pillars” of happiness?

How are each of these being attended to and nurtured in your life currently? Are any receiving too much or too little attention? How do you monitor / measure the expression of these values in your life?

What are 1-3 tangible steps you can commit to taking towards creating a life more aligned to happiness?

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